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🌬️ Battling the Wrath of Winter on Your Commercial Floors! ❄️

Did you know that the same salt used to melt icy roads can wreak havoc on your office floors? According to Smithsonian Magazine, over 22 million tons of salt are scattered on U.S. roads each year! That's 137 pounds for every American. Our Stow commercial floor cleaning experts explain how crushed and dissolved deicing elements find their way onto our floors, leaving behind unsightly white or oily residue.

This residue can be a challenge to remove, often requiring pre-cleaning with a brush and multiple passes with a mop or autoscrubber. Textured flooring and high-traffic areas, like entryways, might need extra scrubbing. 🧹

Apart from rock salt residue, workers and patrons can track in sand, dirt, mucky water, and oil. We strongly recommend Northeast Ohio business owners have their floors stripped, waxed, and buffed to protect them from these seasonal elements. Don't wait until winter is over, as the damage to your floors and the cleaning cost will only increase. ⏳💼

Why Rock Salt and Deicers Are Floor's Foes:

The majority of commercial deicers contain corrosive ingredients like potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and urea. These substances, with their high pH balance, have a similar corrosive effect on floors as floor strippers. The real trouble comes when deicers dissolve, creating abrasive brine that can break down a floor’s finish and create small scratches where dirt can get trapped.

If commercial floor cleaning isn’t done quickly, you might see:

🌲 Wood floors drying out and splintering.

🎨 Tile and hard surfaces discoloring.

🧹 Carpets "uglying out."

🏢 Finish wearing down, leaving the floor dull and damaged.

Areas of high foot traffic, like retail stores, garages, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, are especially prone to salt damage. It could even create a slip-and-fall hazard, especially with calcium chloride, which leaves a more oily residue. 🚧

Protecting Your Floors from Winter Woes:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Take these steps to shield your commercial floors:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean at least once daily during winter to remove salt and residue, preventing stains and scratches. A professional Stow commercial floor cleaning service may be necessary for heavily-traveled areas.

  2. Entrance Mats: Install large entrance mats to capture salt and dirt from people's feet before they track it in.

  3. Resealing Floors: Reseal tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors to protect them from harmful substances, including salt and deicers. Thoroughly clean the floor before sealing, and consider hiring a professional for a hassle-free experience. 🛡️🧼

Stay ahead of winter's impact on your floors with these proactive measures! If you have any questions or want more tips, feel free to reach out. Happy cleaning! 🌟🧽

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